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Old Streetcars PCCIIs in Philadelphia

SEPTA's Trolley Route 15, the Girard Avenue Line is a Heritage Streetcar line, operated by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), along Girard Avenue through North and West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. As of 2007, it is the only surface trolley line in the City Transit Division that is not part of the Subway--Surface Trolley Lines (although it is designated as such on SEPTA's rail maps). SEPTA PCC II vehicles are used on the line.
The line was first opened in 1859 as a horse car line operated by the Richmond and Schuylkill River Passenger Railway, and electrified in 1895. Service was suspended (replaced with buses) in 1992, along with Route 23 (Germantown Avenue-11th and 12th Streets) and Route 56 (Torresdale-Erie Avenues). On September 4, 2005, trolley service was restored.
As of April 29, 2012, east of Frankford Ave the line is operated by buses due to major reconstruction, west of Frankford is still run by PCC II. Trolleys now terminate at Frankford and Delaware Avenue (Northern Liberties Loop), buses terminate at Girard Station under the Market-Frankford Line.

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Ghetto Light Rail in Philadelphia

in the hood...beyond the portal! Brave enough to go film real philadelphia with the SEPTA Subway--Surface Trolley Lines

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